Energetic Clearing !?


If energetic clearing sounds a little too woo woo/ new age/ spiritual for you:

     That’s great too! I’m sure you’ll still find peace of mind knowing that the intentions our Cleaners set will be felt through experiencing our high level of respect for your home and belongings.

If you already identify with the importance of Energetic Clearing or Rieki find even more comfort in knowing that:

     We clean with Love!
     We use Eco-friendly products intended to keep your family, home, and pets safer.
     We set an intention before each clean, writing it down and keeping a record of it in our company files.
     We use Living Essential Oils in our Eco-Friendly cleaning supplies. Essential Oils are one of the oldest medicines known to man. Living Essential oils are derived from a cold press process to preserve the vitality and essence of the medicinal roots and herbs that they are made from. They have been used throughout the ages to promote physical and spiritual health, cure infection, and prevent disease. During the time of the Bubonic Plague, they were effectively used to stave off the plague by grave diggers, who needed to be near infected corpses, by breathing through a rag covered with essential oils.






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